171 Electric Bike Company - is a 100% Canadian owned company.  Our reputation is based on quality. We believe quality is tied to a manufacturer's name. All we do is import, test, then recommend electric vehicles i.e. electric bikes from quality overseas electric vehicle manufacturers to our North American & European clients.

We've been testing & recommending electric bicycles since 2015.

171 Electric Bike Company recommends the electric vehicle manufacturer Merrygold & is proud to bring you the opportunity to own a Merrygold Electric bike.

Over 99% of the imports into North America are a bicycle frame with a kit or just rebranded. Rebranding means you have no idea who made your electric vehicle. Why would a bicycle dealer sell something that does not bare the electric vehicle manufacturer's name? If they are a quality manufacturer it should bare their name. I know who makes my car. Don't be fooled by a fancy decal, a zippy website, putting lipstick on a pig, its still a pig. Please be careful with your money, call us and we will tell you what to look out for 1-226-988-5861, that's my cell.

Point of interest, all of the Merrygold electric bikes we have imported since 2015 are still on the road, that's over 500 hours of ride time & all with their original Samsung battery! That's quality.

171 Electric Bike Company - our mission is as simple as myself :)

"Buy it once - ride it for life." 

Scott Dunn - CEO 171 Electric Bike Company