171 Electric Bike Company - is a 100% Canadian owned company.  Our reputation is based on quality. We believe quality is tied to a manufacturer's name. All we do is import, test, then recommend electric vehicles i.e. electric bikes, electric motorcycles, etc. from quality overseas electric vehicle manufacturers to our North American & European clients.

We've been testing & recommending electric bicycles since 2011.

171 Electric Bike Company recommends the electric vehicle manufacturer Merrygold & is proud to bring you the opportunity to own a Merrygold Electric bike.

Over 99% of the imports into North America are a bicycle frame with a kit or just rebranded. Rebranding means you have no idea who made your electric vehicle. Why would a bicycle dealer sell something that does not bare the electric vehicle manufacturer's name? If they are a quality manufacturer it should bare their name. I know who makes my car. Don't be fooled by a fancy decal, a zippy website, putting lipstick on a pig, its still a pig. Please be careful with your money, call us and we will tell you what to look out for 1-226-988-5861, that's my cell.

Point of interest, all of the Merrygold electric bikes we have imported since 2015 are still on the road, that's over 500 hours of ride time & all with their original Samsung battery! That's quality.

Our main office is based in Huntsville, Ontario, and we have distribution facilities in Los Angeles, California as well as Vancouver, BC and Ayr, Ontario. This ensures shipping is convenient and easy, and helps us provide better customer support.  

171 Electric Bike Company - our mission is as simple as myself :)

"Buy it once - ride it for life." 

Scott Dunn - CEO 171 Electric Bike Company