The HOOK e-bike leans more into the pure fun and adventure roles these types of bikes fulfill. It can't carry as much weight (300 lb) as other bikes on our list, but that's really the only drawback.

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes for Rolling Over Everything


An Overview of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

It may shock you that electric bike patents and models have been around since the late 1800s.

However, this isn't too surprising when you learn that e-bikes are probably the most energy-efficient modes of transport, limited only by the battery and motor technology of the time. Today, many use e-bikes for short commutes, recreation, and even in specific light utility roles such as forestry and hunting.

What Makes Fat Tire Electric Bikes so Special

Electric bikes that have fat tires have many advantages over thin-tired bike options. The top reason is that the larger surface area makes the overall bike more stable when mounting, dismounting, and riding around.

This is especially important considering that they cost more, so you'll want to avoid falling over and damaging the bike as much as possible. However, because many people will be traveling faster on their e-bake than even a regular bike, falls can also be more dangerous.

Fat tires make going on rugged terrains like mud, gravel or beach sand easier. They're also better in shock absorption, making fat-tired e-bikes much more comfortable to ride on any surface.

Pre-purchase Considerations

Choosing the right e-bike is a decision that stands on two pillars: quality and applicability.

Generally speaking, the more you pay for an e-bike, the better the quality. But it's still good to test prospective purchases to vet the materials and the bike's shape for durability and comfort.

You also have to consider what you'll be using the bike for. Different classes of e-bikes have different top speeds, and if you're going to be using it for light utility purposes, you may want to go for a bigger option with a stronger motor.

Great Fat E-Bikes for North America

Many companies have set out to make fat tire bikes for the North American market, so you'll see a wide range of price options.

The best one for you is the one that suits your needs and budget and will not necessarily be the most expensive. It's also important to consider your province's laws to see which bikes fit you and your family.

The Himiway Cruiser

The Himiway Cruiser fools many into believing it's an entry-level e-bike because of its affordable price. Retailing for around $1,700, the Cruiser is much cheaper than other dedicated off-road e-bikes without being a bad option.

It weighs 72 lbs and comes standard with 4" thick tires. These combine to make an e-bike that's comfortable even on mountainous terrain. It also has a 350 lb carrying capacity to help transport fishing or hunting gear.

It boasts a longer range than e-bikes rated for roads only, but not as far as the more hardcore fat e-bikes. Still, it takes the same seven hours to charge this bike's batteries—as it does the others.

The HOOK Electric Mountain Bike

The HOOK e-bike leans more into the pure fun and adventure roles these types of bikes fulfill. It can't carry as much weight (300 lb) as other bikes on our list, but that's really the only drawback.

The HOOK is unique because it's straightforward for anyone to climb on and ride safely.

The 4" wheels make it incredibly stable and comfortable on rocky trails. It also has a motor that outputs a decent amount of power (500watt motor)  and a longer range than the Himiway Cruiser. Plus only 4-5 hours for a full charge on their Samsung batteries.

The Rambo Megatron

Rambo's Megatron e-bike is a beast of a bike with twin motors powered by a dual battery system. This gives the bike a range of 80 miles (the furthest out of any on our list) and great speed and traction.

One of the bike's best features is the traction the twin motors give you makes it possible to take the bike up steeper paths and deep snow and sand. Moreover, you can use the throttle to limp back to camp if the pedals or chain breaks.

Each hub motor turns its wheel independently, giving you a redundant safety system for epic adventuring.

The Rungu Dualie

The Dualie is a special e-bike because it's an unconventional tricycle with a pair of front wheels and one back wheel. The fat tires on this bike are also thicker than average at 4.8", which makes this bike the most stable and shock-proofed bike on our list.

Beyond the double front wheels, specific editions of the Dualie have dual batteries, which extend the operational range. Dualies have powerful motors that work the same as other electric bikes and also come with many functional add-ons for hunting, forestry, and camping trips.

Dualies are great for play (but maybe a little expensive for recreational use) and excellent for working outdoors.

Get the Best Fat Bike in Canada Today

Fat e-bikes are cheaper, safer, and greener than traditional four-wheel ATVs.

Their popularity for work and recreational purposes has caused the industry for them to surge as a result. Many different fat e-bikes are available, so be sure to look at what you need in an electric fat bike before making a final decision.

Some people just need something they can take on trails and streets, while others need something a little mightier to help them transport equipment outdoors.

If you're looking for a fat bike Canada loves, take a look at our store. We've got great deals and a variety of different options.

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